For golf enthusiasts, having the right equipment and accessories can make a huge difference in maximizing performance on the course. However, finding quality equipment and apparel from renowned brands often comes with a premium price tag. That’s where golf subscription boxes come in – offering a convenient and affordable way to regularly receive top golf products tailored to your needs. On this guide on the best golf subscription boxes explores more options beyond this article. Check it out for details on over a dozen additional boxes, niche specialty services, expanded price points and brands, updated reviews and ratings, the latest offerings and deals, and more. With new startups entering often, our guide stays current so you can find the perfect monthly golf box.

golf subscription box

How do golf subscription boxes work?

Golf subscription boxes deliver a monthly package of golf goodies like balls, tees, gloves, apparel, training aids and more right to your doorstep. Most services ask you to fill out a profile quiz or form indicating your skill level, style preferences, size, and other details. They use this information to curate monthly boxes of products that are right for you.

Benefits of these subscription boxes include

Access to premium golf brands and the latest products at discounted prices. Most offer savings of 50% or more off retail prices.
The convenience of monthly delivery so you always have new gear on hand. No more trekking to stores looking for supplies.
Products personalized to your game and preferences based on your profile, not generic selections.
Opportunity to discover and try new golf brands and merchandise you may not find in stores.
Makes a great gift idea for the golf enthusiast in your life. Monthly surprise boxes are more exciting than a one-time purchase.

Top Golf Subscription Boxes


Here are some of the leading golf subscription boxes on the market that can take your game to the next level:


Starting at just $111/month, Mullybox delivers 6 high-end golf balls, eco-friendly tees, 3 accessories, and bonus items tied to a specific theme like putting, striking, etc. each month. All gear is designed to help you improve your skills and lower your scores.

Short Par 4

For the fashion-conscious golfer, Short Par 4 offers hand-picked apparel from Callaway, Under Armour, Johnnie-O and other top brands. With subscription prices ranging from $45-$70 per month, you can build a stellar golf wardrobe for half the retail price.

Birdie Box

Birdie Box goes beyond equipment and apparel by offering lifestyle, tech, and nutrition products tailored to your golfer profile. Their premium box with 15+ items is $49.95/month, while the standard box is $39.95. Products range from golf towels and balls to sunglasses, snacks, fitness gear and more.

Swinger Box

At $69/month, Swinger Box assembles monthly packages with 1-2 pieces of apparel, golf accessories, balls, gloves, tees and other staples golfers need. You’ll always have the essentials you need to hit the links in style.

Birdie Bundle

For a highly customized assortment of golf essentials, Birdie Bundle asks questions about your game and preferences to create the ideal bundle. Starting at $49.95/month, the Premium tier even includes exclusive merchandise and logo items from famous golf resorts and destinations.

Inside the Leather

Choose from three tiers (Par, Birdie and Eagle) at Inside the Leather to receive 3-5 premium golf apparel and accessories items per month, ranging from $59-$99. Brands carried include Linksoul, Travis Mathew, Imperial Headwear and other top names.

Golf Ball/Accessory Specific Boxes

For golfers who just want golf balls or accessories rather than full apparel and gear, services like Mullybox and High Side Golf focus specifically on delivering premium balls, tees, gloves, towels, and other consumables on a subscription basis. Prices start at around $18/month.

Women’s Golf Boxes

While many boxes offer both male and female options, services like Tee Up Box cater specifically to female golfers. You’ll receive stylish women’s golf apparel, balls, accessories and more every month for $29.99.

Golf subscription boxes offer unbeatable value, whether your goal is to play better with improved equipment or look better with apparel upgrades. They minimize the hassle of shopping around and give you a customized package of the latest golf products from top brands every month to keep your game sharp. Try one of these monthly boxes and watch your skills soar!